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We are the Millennium Sams Chapter 91, of the Michigan Good Sam RV camping club. We organized in October 2000 under the direction of Directors at the time of Bill & Kim Young.  Many of our members had at one time been on the Michigan State staff. And we decided that since we all liked each other so much and had so much in common that it would be nice to form a chapter so we could all camp and spend time together doing what we enjoy. Camping.!! Our chapter patch is pictured above. We formed the chapter with 13 rigs. Our members live in many different parts of this state. So we are not a chapter from just one single area which many are.  This makes it very nice for us all.

Our Charter Members and the first office holders are listed below:

Duane & Barb Moore - President
Clyde & Sharon Kleinhardt - Vice President
Bob & Corky Allen - Wagon Master
Clay & Lucille Garrett - Treasurer
Gilda Nichols - Secretary
Bob & Darleene Carter
Terry & Eva Cole
Ed & Vickie Ervin
Helen Garrett
Bob & Eileen Jenkins
Gilda Nichols
Lucille Rucker
Charlene Vargo
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     Our members use a variety of camping units, We have everything from Motor Homes to travel trailers, large and small. We also have 5th wheels of different kinds and sizes  and Pickup campers.  Which makes it real interesting for everyone. It gives us all a chance to learn about the different kinds of rigs that is out there now days. They run in size from about 20 feet to thirty something. It is really a site to see all of them parked togather at our camp outs.  And for those that are pulled with a truck or a van that is another story. They can vary just as much as the rigs do. 
Our first campout of the year is at a pig roast that is put on for a community of friends and family free of charge. We go in early and help in many ways from setting up to helping in the final preparations and of course the cleaning up. Then our last campout of the year is over a very, long labor day weekend. This is when we do our work days at our local charity  Hartley Outdoor Education Center. Both of these are fun filled days for everyone.  When we first formed our chapter we did have another charity it was the Ronald McDonald House which we donated $500.00 dollars to in January of 2002.  And then more in the next year few years all so. Then we felt that so many people all ready were helping them out. So we looked for a new charity that doesn't get quite as much help from so many. That was when we decided on Hartley's.
You'll find some photos on the photo page of our workers doing things at both of these yearly events.  
Our local charity is Hartley's Out Door Education Center in St. Charles, Michigan

     This is a center that is supported in part by the Intermediate School District of Saginaw County with many volunteers and donations from many people. This is a place where children go to learn about all of the natural things of life. By that we mean they learn about all kinds of animals and birds. The History of our people in this area. The occupations of our ancestors. There is  dormitory for them to sleep, eat and study with their teachers and learn about all the things they only heard about. The children are from all over, they also have classes where they learn all about farming and cattle. They attend a one room school as part of their learning experience.  At the center there is also a log cabin. a old farm house, barn with animals. And a coal mine. They learn how the miners did their work in the mines. There is also a mine museum for their use and a Indian village.  This area had many different kinds of people that made it what it is today. So the children get a complete education on life as it was and is now here in Michigan.  There is also a close circuit set up so that some of the classes  they attend are broadcasted to other schools across this country via the Internet.  It is a place that the children really have fun and learn at the same time. Many of the children this is their first opportunity to learn of many of the things they learn here.
       We have raffles and do other things to raise money for this organization. At the fall 2007 Michigan State Samboree all proceeds from our jail went to Hartley's in Chapter 91's name. We really want to thank all of you kind people who were willing to get put in jail and collect fines for this cause.  From now on when the jail is being held at the Samboree's all proceeds will be going to one of the Michigan state chapters local charity, it will be a different chapter at each rally that the jail is present. We think this is a wonderful way to help out all of our local charities all over our state. So we hope if you have the opportunity will partake in this fun activity with us all.
This is a photo that was taken in front of the domitorys ,the class rooms and the main office building at Hartley's
This photo was taken in front of the working one room school after a tour of it at Hartley's
        Our New  Chapter Officers

    President---------  Duane Moore
   Vice President--    Clay Garrett         E-mail Me
   Wagonmaster      Harold KruegerHHarold---       Secretary---------     Barb Moore
   Treasurer----------  Lucille Garrett     E-mail Me
*Check out our photo page for more photos
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